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5 Basic Ways to Stretch Your Back, Shoulders and Neck

People, who go for work, have a lot of problems with their neck, shoulders and most of all the back. No need of meeting the doctor next time, because there are some stretch for back, shoulders and neck that can aid you while you are working or doing any late night work.

They are as follows:

1.Rolling your Shoulders

One of the most common stretches used is to roll your shoulders. What your have to do is that your will have to roll your hands in such a position that their movements should make a circle. Your can use this stretching exercise for both the hands.

2.Stretching your Back

Out of all the exercise used for stretch for back, shoulders, and neck this is the easiest of all. This is an exercise where you have to bend in such a position that your head touches the ground. You have to do it a relaxed way and for only few seconds.

3. Stretches that Curl your Hands on Your Legs

Out of all the exercise from stretch for back, shoulders, and neck, this is the trickiest one. Here you are still in V shaped stretching position but there is a difference. Here, you will have to wrap our hands around your legs to see that your back should stretch.

4. Stretches for Your Shoulders and Your Grip

The easiest of all the stretch for the back, shoulders and neck where you have to stretch both your hands. Join all your figures, and twist them. This stretch exercise is useful for your shoulders. This is also used commonly by many. This exercise is also useful when your grips are all tired.

5. Rolling Your Neck

In all the stretch for back, shoulders and neck the most commonly used stretching exercise is the rotating your neck. If your neck is paining then this is the most commonly used exercise to get rid of your neck pain.

These are some of the stretching exercises that are commonly used every where in the world. People who do lot of hard work, late night work and over time work have to go though all such body aches. Instead of using medications or ointments these can be the best natural ways to release your body from pains.

There are very few doctors who would actually ask you to do such exercises. So, the best way to find these exercises is though the internet or books.

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