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5 Tips and Relief of Lower Back Pain During Pregnancy!

I know you are tired of discomfort during your pregnancy so here are so here are 5 tips relief for the lower back pain during pregnancy.

The most important thing during pregnancy is the good night sleep, and if you sleep in a very uncomfortable position, it can make your back pain even worse. Therefore, when asleep you can use the maternity back support belt, which works great to help you to support your belly, so your lower back wouldn’t have to carry all that weight alone.  Most women don’t get this and tend to ignore it, but the weight is still there even when you are a sleep.

Some women also like to wrap pillows just below their bellies to help them while asleep. On the other hand using pillows is a very good idea. Use as much pillows as possible to make it more comfortable.  Some women sleep with 10 pillows around them. Why not, as long as it gets you comfortable and pain free.

Pain in your feet can also cause the pain in your lower back so the tip number 3 is to wear low-heeled shoes or the athletic ones, forget about the high heels for now. High heals can cause some major issues for the life time.

But even with this, you still might feel some pain in your feet, and the best is the massage. There are numerous appliances that you can use for foot massage, and the best way is to ask for your significant other.

The next tip is some light and safe workout. You can choose a light walk each day, or soft exercises. With the combination of exercise and light stretching each day, your back pain will be reduced or maybe completely gone. The fact about these exercises is that they help your body to cope with the constant change and with carrying a lot more weight than before. If you stretch your muscles, you will not only avoid the back pain but leg cramps as well.

Tip number four is to avoid carrying anything heavy! This is a MUST! You’ve got enough to carry already. So avoid carrying and standing for a longer time, if possible try to move, but do not stand or sit on the same place for a longer time, and avoid slouching while sitting.

If possible, always keep a rolled up towel behind your lower back. And finally tip number five is to have plenty of sleep. Bed rest really works for most pregnant women, and keep in mind that the bed rest is not recommended all day long and in every kind of posture, it is best to sleep on your left side, and use plenty of pillows, with a pillow between your legs and a very thin one under your abdomen.

To fix this problem and get a relief of the lower back pain during your pregnancy, you have to try all of these together. One thing is not going to make it go away. And you can get a complete list of ways to reduce pregnancy back pain! []

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