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6 Tips to Help Prevent Back Pain During Pregnancy

In this brief article we want to give you a few tips on dealing with back pain during pregnancy. Women have it tough because they already are dealing with a number of things such as morning sickness and weight gain, and now they can add back pain as well.

Over 50% of pregnant women experience lower back pain. s expected this is most common during the final trimester when you are the most uncomfortable.

You certainly want to discuss this with your doctor on your regular appointments.

There are a few things you can do to help alleviate back pain and make yourself more comfortable.

1. Stay as active as you possibly can. Include exercises your doctor recommends including stretching and strengthening your back and abdominal muscles.

2. If you continue to work and have a desk job you need to get up and stretch your legs and back throughout the course of the day. Work this out with your employer if you think that may be a problem.

3. Maintain good body posture and change your center of gravity periodically. Stand as straight as possible and keep your shoulders back to help alleviate potential strains.

4. Keep your feet slightly elevated. You may even consider putting a small step stool under your desk or wherever your sit. Use a good chair and also place a pillow behind your back.

5. Be careful if you have to pick something up and bend over to do it. As opposed to bending squat and use your knees for lifting.

6. This is a good time to wear low healed or flat shoes with good arch support. Also wear clothes that are comfortable and don’t worry so much about being fashionable during your pregnancy.

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