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A Great Stretch For Natural Back Pain Relief

Lower back pain is one of the most common physical complaints today. In fact, nine out of ten Americans will experience back pain sometime in their life. There are many causes of low back pain, but one surprising cause is a tight muscle that is the deepest in the body, the psoas.

The psoas attaches to the forward part of the lower spine, on the abdominal side. From there, it runs forward through the abdominal cavity to the inside of the hip point. The lower connection for the psoas is on the inside of the upper thigh.

When this muscle is tight, it can pull the lower back forward increasing the arch in the low back. This extra arch is one of the causes of low back pain.

The best relief for the psoas is a massage, however there are not many massage therapists who can do a good job. Stretching the psoas is another way to help relieve the problem. Here are two stretches for the psoas that might help you and your back.

The best stretch I know of for the psoas requires a little help. They don’t need to be skilled, they just need to be able to move slowly and respond to your instructions. Start by lying down on a massage table or high bed. You need some height, so that the leg you are working can be hanging down off the side. Lower is okay, as long as you can bend your knee so that your knee can be drawn down.

Let your leg drop completely, relax it. If need be, the top of the foot can be resting on the floor. Have the other leg extended fully so it is flat. Your helper then takes your foot in one hand drawing it up and slightly and towards your head while the other hand gently and very slowly draws the knee down.

Tell them exactly what you need, this is a very strong stretch, and they could easily hurt you. You might want to have them move in stages, moving just a little and stopping so you can relax all the areas involved assessing weather you need more stretch or not. It is okay if your back arches a little, as long as it doesn’t hurt your back. Be careful not to overdo the stretch. Be patient and try the stretch again another day. I can’t over stress the importance of not over stretching this muscle. Most likely it hasn’t ever had a good stretch, so give it time to let you know what it needs.

The other psoas stretch can be done on your own. Lie on your back and bend your right knee so that the foot is off to the right side with the knee at a ninety degree angle. With your left foot, gently press your right knee down. This will probably make your back arch, this is fine as long as it doesn’t hurt. The same cautions from the previous stretch apply: move slowly and be careful.

These two stretches are a good start for back health. A regular exercise regime along with stretching, a good diet and necessary supplements are the main factors in having a healthy back. And, there are alternative ways to back health that work a lot better than the standard western model of drugs and surgery. Take some time to find out what else might be available.

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