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Back Muscle Spasms – Prevent Spasms and Upper Pain With These 4 Simple Exercises

Upper back muscle spasms and tension are an unpleasant distraction. Then, the muscular problems can lead to upper pain into your neck. If your spasms continue, your upper back muscles may feel tight and locked up. This can lead to more muscular problems, such as cervical pain and headaches, and tension in front-side muscles.

If the pain makes you slouch, or if the muscles are tight due to poor posture, this may affect organ functions, too, such as breathing and heart-rate.

Using therapeutic exercise.

There are three components to a basic well-rounded exercise program: Cardiovascular training (cardio), Stretching, and Strengthening. Practice these three regularly, several times a week. To reduce back muscle spasms, you can also practice therapeutic exercise. This means you will want to learn some exercises that are specific to your body’s needs.

You might already practice a few stretches to relieve tension. But you might also need cardio and strengthening exercises. Practicing exercises that are targeted for upper back muscles will have a therapeutic effect.

Spasms and tension in the upper back are often the result of compromised alignment. Bad ergonomics at a workstation and poor posture are often to blame. The upper back muscles work in tandem with muscles on the front-side of the body. So, tight front-side muscles contribute to weak upper back muscles.

We want our exercises to focus on >Improving circulation with cardio; >Stretching tight muscles; and >Strengthening weak, taut muscles.

Exercises for upper back muscle relief.

1) Cardio bursts. Practice bouts of cardio during your day. Give the blood-flow a boost. Send oxygen to restricted muscles.

2) Rotationally Stretch. When we stay in a forward-flexed position for a long time, we stiffen the upper and mid-back muscles that make our torsos rotate. So, ease tension by practicing more rotational stretching.

3) Stretch the front-side. Learn and practice stretches for your chest, arms, and forearms especially.

4) Strengthen the upper and mid-back. This can be done with no equipment, or with minimal equipment. Keep a cord of resistance tubing (with handles) nearby during your day. Learn and practice mid-rows, with varying grips. Reverse flyes are good. Shrugs will also relieve a lot of tension.

With some simple adjustments to your current exercise routine, you can recondition your back muscles and restore them to greater health.

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