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Back Pain and Sex – How to Prevent Your Back Pain From Enjoying Sex and Straining Your Relationship

The meanings of cries of aha, oho, OMG during sex may drastically change if your partner or you yourself are suffering from back pain.

Back pain is most likely to ruin your sex life altogether. The sense of guilt may further aggravate the pain and strain the relationship as well.

It is estimated that around 35 million people are suffering from back pain in U S alone. It is really difficult to quantify the magnitude of psychological pain that people suffer silently. You cry silently not for yourself but for your partner.

Some people try to put up a brave face. They try to “act” as if nothing is happening to them as they try to straddle over their partners. They even try to mislead their partners with their whoopees but it is difficult to change your body language and facial expressions, try as much as you can. You give yourself away.

The best course is to explain your problem to your back pain specialist without feeling embarrassed. If you do not do so, he may not be able to prescribe the right treatment.

Your partner, of course, is aware of your problem, so it is always better to jointly devise the most convenient sex positions to maximize the enjoyment.

Here are some suggestions about how to get the best out of your sex while you are suffering from back pain.

Take a warm shower or massage the painful area with some lukewarm oil. You may even apply ice pad or some gel to reduce the pain. This will relax your muscles. But do not take pain killers

If you are a man

1. Lie down on a hard surface and place a pillow under your knees. You may place a rolled towel or a thin pillow below your lower back.

2. Try side-by-side embrace position.

3. Allow your partner to ride over you.

You may even sit on the edge of your bed or chair and let your partner do what is needed.

If you are a woman

1. Assume a missionary position and pull your knees towards your chest, but keeping them apart.

2. Sit on the edge of a bed or a chair and make your partner kneel between your legs and enter into you.

3. You may try doggie position to enable him to enter from the backside. You may also place a pillow under your belly/chest or any other painful area of your back.

Check Cosmopolitan magazine for pictures and explanations of these sex positions. Here is one link:

These are only the basic suggestions. Since your back pain is unique to you and you know where it hurts most, you may make suitable amendments in your sex positions.

A word of caution

It is assumed that you are getting the right treatment for your pain. Don’t try to ride like a stud if you feel slight relief.

Try to improve your performance gradually.

Remember a free and frank communication with your partner and the back pain specialist is very critical to your successful sex life.

You can get guaranteed permanent relief from back pain, whatever its nature and severity without incurring heavy expenses or undergoing painful treatment or popping up pain killers with lethal side effects.

The treatment of back pain involves certain back pain specific exercises–generic exercises won’t do– explained through videos and personal guidance from an expert who has cured thousands of back pain patients across the world. Rest assured it is not a hype to trap you.

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