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Back Pain During Pregnancy – What Can You Do About It?

Most women are plagued by back pain while they are well into their second trimester. The pain could be due to a number of reasons, and you must take your doctor or medical health care provider’s advice/consultation in dealing with it. There are some other basic things you could do to relax your back.

Back pain is as common during pregnancy as swollen feet and fingers. Most women develop mild to severe back pain after they are halfway through their pregnancy. The discomfort can escalate if you keep ignoring the pain for long. Usually, back pain that troubles women can be either of these two categories:

1. Regular or true back pain- which is the pain experienced by non-pregnant women as well. It happens because of strained muscles, ligaments or joints- that occur due to an injury/poor posture/weakness.

2. Pelvic girdle pain: This is the pain which is induced due to pregnancy and spreads across the entire back as well as the pubic bone at the front. This condition is called symphysis pubis dysfunction and occurs when certain ligaments in the pelvis are strained. If your doctor diagnoses you with this condition, you will be treated in a completely different manner than regular back pain.

Easing the Discomfort of Regular Back Pain

If you have regular or true back pain, there are certain activities you can take up to ease your discomfort. We would advise you to consult your doctor before taking any of them up or following these suggestions.

* Maintaining a good posture: Ligaments and tissues get unduly strained if you have a bad posture while sitting or sleeping. You must make an effort not to slump while sitting and try to keep your back straight. It may be difficult in the later stages of pregnancy, but you can use cushions to support your back and keep it straight.

* Doing regular exercises: Keeping fit and active is always recommended during pregnancy. You can do tummy and pelvic floor exercises under expert supervision and they can be highly beneficial in lowering the strain on your muscles. Most of these exercises involve sitting in a certain position and breathing deeply and can be done within half an hour.

* Swimming can help a lot: Many care providers recommend swimming to ease back pain as well as other discomforts that crop up during pregnancy. Sign up for aqua-natal classes near you and you will see your pain go away slowly.

* Massage can ease the pain away: Nothing is more soothing for tense muscles and aching joints than a massage. Pregnant women can lie on their side and get their backs massaged. Again, only get this massage done from professional and trained message therapist who has experience of working with pregnant women.

* Warm bath can be soothing too: You can have a warm soak in the tub after your day to ease your pain & have a good night’s sleep. Taking a hot pack to bed is recommended as well.

* Rely on maternity pillows: There are maternity pillows available out there which have been designed to give maximum support to the woman’s body while sleeping. These pillows are long -wedge shaped and give excellent support to your tummy as well as the entire body.

* Maternity belts: A maternity belt can be extremely helpful in taking the weight of the baby off your back and give you instant relief.

We hope these tips will be helpful to you in curbing that back pain and enjoying a healthy pregnancy.

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