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Back stretches are probably the most commonly used tool in back pain relief. You may have seen many different types of back stretches over your travels, yet found most to be less effective than you like.

Now don’t get me wrong, back stretches are an integral and essential part in your back pain removal. The big question is this…

When is the best time to use back stretches?

To answer this question, you need to look at why you are stretching and what is the objective of doing back stretches.

Stretching is used to create relaxation in a muscle and ultimately lead to better flexibility. This flexibility helps back pain by removing tension that allows pain to build from. Back pain comes from a combination of tight muscles and joint disruption, and if severe enough inflammation.

Back stretches are therefore essential in dealing with the muscle tension. As the muscle relaxes then the joint will also perform better.

So although stretching is important, the most important aspect of back stretches is when to stretch. When you stretch a muscle the desired response is to create relaxation. If you stretch a muscle and then proceed to use it – whether it is in sport, or at home or any activity no matter how intense – the benefit of the stretch disappears.

As soon as you contract the muscle, the relaxation disappears. You may now understand what you need to do.

In any back stretch, you need to stretch and then relax the muscle after for as long as possible. This way you get the benefits for longer and encourage the muscle to reduce tension more permanently.

So when are the ideal times to do back stretches?

Three times each day: When you awake in the morning. This helps to prepare your muscle for the days work. It won’t necessarily help with improving flexibility, but it helps to prepare you for the day.

Secondly, after work. Back stretches after work help to ease tension from your day. Again not a huge benefit to increase flexibility, but this is like a warm down from your day’s events.

Finally, just prior to going to bed. Just before you go to bed, use your back stretches. Stretch and then immediately get into bed. By stretching your muscles and then sleeping, you are allowing your muscles to remain relaxed. They will stay that way easier when you sleep and therefore will improve in their flexibility. Remember, flexibility is the key to long term back pain relief.

Back stretches can aid you in your goal of back pain relief. It is just knowing when to stretch that is the key for long term success with your back stretches.

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