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Back pain relief

Bowen Therapy is a therapy that is primarily based on soft moves made on specific parts of the body which creates an amazing energy flow within the body which helps in curing back pains, spasms and all other kinds of muscle aches. It is an amazing technique which does not involve any other kind of medication and it is one which basically stimulates the body to cure itself of the aches and other pains. There are no side effects and it is a proven and accepted method all over the world.

The unique aspect of this therapy is the fact that it allows the body to cure itself and come back to its regular routine and balance by itself. It’s based on the philosophy that the body always has a self regulating mechanism through which it always comes back to equilibrium provided the right energy is stimulated in the right manner within the body. As the body reacts to this new energy flow, it gets back into equilibrium and in this process; the aches and the pain in the back are provided with good relief. As can be seen, the basic philosophy underlying this therapy is safe and sound and hence the demand for this form of Bowen Therapy training.

Considering the side effects of the various other medicines that are prescribed for pain and also considering the fact that the back is a very sensitive and one of the most important parts of the body, the advanced Bowen Therapy, Neurostructural Integration technique (NST) is becoming more and more popular all across the world. Therapists and practitioners are shifting to using NST in their practices with the appropriate training. Training in NST is now available in locations all around the world for practitioners wishing to use this technique for back pain relief.

In some of the training sessions, live demos are shown about how to apply the pressure using the hands, and also where to apply, so that there is back pain relief. In some cases, the patients are brought into the training sessions and live demos are made on the patients to show how its done and what kind of relief it can provide in a very safe and healthy manner.

NST is an advanced form of Bowen Therapy and it helps to provide not only back pain relief, but also used to treat other ailments like Parkinson’s disease, chronic fatigue, autism, seizures, etc. Care must be taken to ensure that the patient approaches a therapist who is experienced and has also undergone the right training so that the therapy is carried out in a correct and safe manner.

Since 1996, practitioners have been using this easy and safe method all around the world for the benefits of thousands of people who suffer from back pain and other kinds of pains and aches in their body.
NST is a proven and safe technique with over a thousand currently accredited practitioners worldwide with many more now undergoing this advanced Bowen Therapy Training to achieve accreditation in NST.

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