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Back pain relief

Over $5 billion is spent each year for back pain relief products, treatment and diagnosis. It is estimated that approximately eight out of ten people experiences backache at some point in their lives. If you are scared of dealing with harmful side effects from pain relief drugs, then you may want to consider using natural pain relief to ease your pain.

Possible Causes of Backache: Believe it or Not.

Ever tried checking if your legs have the same length? One of the possible causes of backache is having one leg shorter or longer than the other. If you are not sure if your legs are even in length, ask someone to measure it using a tape measure.

Do you smoke? Do you suffer from an aching back? It was found out that smoking is related to backache. This pain is now termed as “smoker’s back”. Smokers tend to cough frequently because of the nicotine content from cigarettes that has a direct effect with the carbon monoxide in your blood. Coughing frequently can lead to severe back strain.

A Position for Prevention!

1. Lie down flat on the floor, near a sofa or chair.

2. Bend your knees and rest your legs (knees to feet) on the sofa or chair.

3. Thighs should be leaning against the front of sofa.

4. Stay on that position for 15 – 30 minutes.

The Rhyming Remedy: Black Bean for Backache

This recipe is intended for lower back pain relief. Soak a cup of black beans overnight to soften them. Boil the beans in 3 ½ cups of water and let it simmer in for a half hour in low flame. Remove the greyish foam that floats above the pot. Then cover the pot for 2 hours while cooking, remove excess water inside the pot. Eat 2 – 3 tablespoons of black beans daily for a month, and every other day on the next month. Within 2 months you should experience lower back pain relief.

Do not forget your herb.

For chronic back pain a flaxseed poultice is recommended. You have to soak 1 cup of flaxseeds in cold water for 10 hours. Boil the mixture in an enamel sauce pan. Once it cools down, enough to touch but still hot that won’t cause scalding, make a poultice from the seeds and place it in the affected area. If you need to reapply the poultices the all you need to do is reheat it.

Aside from these natural remedies, you can also take a vitamin C supplement after each meal to speed up the healing. Back pain relief exercises are also effective in managing backaches. Also, remember that you should not apply heat to acute backache. If you are not sure if you are suffering from acute or chronic back pain, then do not use heat.

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