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Back Pain Relief For Campers

Camping is a great activity especially if done with the family, friends or loved ones. It strengthens camaraderie and bonding and is also a good way to de-stress. The beauty of nature with its fresh air, sunshine, vegetation and wildlife will surely get the tension out of anybody’s system. The physical activity that comes with this endeavor is an effective way to exercise our bodies as well, making us a lot fitter and healthier.

But having back pains can be a real deal breaker. This can make your trip very unpleasant instead of pleasurable. Since camping requires a great deal of physical activity, having back problems can really ruin it for you. Imagine carrying heavy backpacks, hiking and setting up camp which can take a couple of hours to finish with a painful back; it’s like playing tennis with a broken wrist. The two just seem to be incompatible with each other.

Most back pains occur in the lower back. This happens when the lower back’s discs have weakened. Remedies, treatments and rehabilitation have been developed by doctors throughout the years but the number of patients continues to rise. Some patients resort to painkillers; this is effective in relieving pain but it cannot stop it from recurring.

Using firm beds can work wonders as well. These types of beds provide our backs with the best support. According to many patients, the long-term us of these beds reduce the pain substantially and decrease the recurrences greatly. This is the reason why lots of patients now resort to these instead of taking various pain-relieving drugs.

Doing moderate walking regularly is another highly recommended option. This exercise regulates the alignments in our back by correcting the hip flexors. The back muscles are also provided a subtle exercise by walking; this can improve the condition considerably.

Naturally, getting enough sleep provides a lot of help. In fact, our overall health is benefited by having the right amount of sleep.

And if ever an attack of back pain occurs to you in the middle of a camping trip, just lie down on a firm mattress in your tent. Rest your back for a while and try to avoid strenuous activities. Getting a good night’s sleep will notably reduce the pain and you’ll still have enough time to enjoy your camping trip.

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