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Back pain is a common problem, both for men and women, across the globe. According to a shocking survey, about 80% of the population in the United States is suffering from back pain. Back pain is caused by several conditions such as over use of back muscles, injury to the muscles, injury to the ligaments that supports the spine strain to the muscles etc.

Back pain can reoccur at short intervals. For some, this problem can either turn out to be acute or chronic. Most people with back pain can be categorized in the block where they suffer from back pain and get relief within six weeks. Here, home remedies are quite effective in the process of pain relief.

When the back pain becomes recurrent, the pain appears after a specific period of time. Chronic back pain is the most severe as it lasts for a longer period of time.

Usually, a strain in the back muscles leads to back pain. The strain can be a result of lifting weight, twisting or even bending. Experts feel that an infection ovarian cysts or even arthritis can cause back pain. These days, people often sit in a specific posture for a longer period of time and complain of back pain.

Remember that back pain can occur anytime without a warning. It also has the potential to develop over a longer period of time. As mentioned earlier, strain in the back muscles is the main problem in the development of back pain.

Pain in the muscles is often due to the accumulation of acidic by products including lactic acid and pyruvic acid that work towards restricting the normal functioning of muscle tissues. The problem is referred to as Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness or DOMS.

Here are some of the effective remedies to treat back pain:

a) Exercise

Most people are under a notion that rest is the best medicine for back pain. On the contrary, your back needs a lot of exercise when it is hurt. Regular exercises can actually help in relieving back pain via strengthening and stretching the muscles supporting the spine. It also helps in preventing any sort of, injury in future. You can walk short distances, stretch, indulge in flexibility exercises, swim or use a stationary bicycle.

b) Lose Weight

Losing weight can help a lot in relieving back pain. Being overweight will make a pain get worse. Improve your posture when sitting, sleeping or standing.

c) Healing Pads and Ice packs

The patient must apply an ice pack. He or she may also compress over the injured area. Doing this for up to twenty minutes for several times on a daily basis will help you a lot in eliminating back pain. In case, you don’t find any relief, you can use a heat pack. This relaxes the muscles, enhances blood flow and speeds up the recovery.

d) Massage therapy

An expert massage therapy can be highly effecting in providing relief from back pain. Make sure you consult an expert prior to going for this therapy.

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