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Back Pain Remedies for Pregnancy

Back pain is something that is often associated with pregnancy. The causes of this occurrence usually have something to do with the weight gain that the expectant mother has during this happy occasion. The weight which she has gained also throws her off balance and can result to a displacement of her centering.

This means her body may try to compensate for the additional weight she has gained as well as the protuberance in her abdomen. Another cause is the hormonal imbalance that occurs during this time. The hormones which are produced during pregnancy may affect the mobility of the joints (nature does this to accommodate the pelvic movement) resulting in joints which are prone to giving way due to weight and new posture. If the woman has been suffering from back ache even before she got pregnant, serious prevention of any complication or debilitating discomfort must be undertaken.


Taking a warm bath can actually relieve the back pain but only for a limited amount of time. The application of a warm compress can help to relieve the discomfort but this may only be a fleeting remedy. It may benefit the woman to take a short walk after the warm bath to help loosen the joints and keep her body in shape for any other movements of the bones. This is called strengthening of the joints, muscles and body to prepare it for the other changes that happens during this time. Performing some easy exercises can also help to strengthen the muscles, joints and bones of the woman.

Pelvic tilts can help as well as the Kegels exercise. Pelvic tilts are done by kneeling on all fours and moving one’s pelvis in such a way that the back straightens and curves. This can also be done on ones back but may be more difficult as the months near delivery. Kegels is a vaginal exercise that helps to make it stronger. This helps the pelvic floor become stronger resulting to better strength from the lower back.


Stretching is another technique that helps to ease back pain. It keeps the body supple and is also a form of exercise that can keep the woman’s weight to a reasonable one. The hamstring stretch is done by standing upright in front of a stable chair. The woman should lift her right leg unto the chair with her feet pointing upwards. She should then start to lean slowly forward, while feeling the stretch in her hamstrings. The stretch should be comfortable and not border on the painful. Stretching the back can also be beneficial for the expectant mother. There are several exercises and stretches that are suitable for one.


Preventing back pain should be a conscious effort by the expecting mom. Compensating her posture to accommodate the changes in the body helps to prevent possible discomfort tin the lumbar area. Avoiding extended periods of standing also helps to prevent this. Standing causes a lot of stress on a lot of parts of the body. The same goes for shoes with heels. It is better to wear comfortable flat shoes, or low heeled ones if heels are needed.

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