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Back Pain The Natural Way of Dealing With It Today

Back Pain – The Natural Way of Dealing With It Today By David L Phillips

Life is becoming more frantic and stressful, so there can be little doubt that the stresses and strains on your body are also increasing on a daily basis. It is of little surprise that so many people are plagued with constant niggles, aches and pains.

Indeed, some unfortunate people are forced to suffer their pain in silence, trying to live a life that is as normal as possible. Of course, because most people do not find themselves in this situation, they probably give very little thought or perhaps no thought at all to the stresses and strains that their body takes daily.

That is likely to continue until some kind of body pain hits, and from that point on, pain becomes a very real and important consideration in their life.

Some forms of pain are less serious than others, and many types of pain will come and go. However, not all pain complaints can be so easily dismissed and amongst those that are most commonly felt and painfully endured is back pain.

It is estimated that between 50 – 80 million US citizens suffer from chronic pain (defined as a pain that has lasted for more than six months), and that this costs over $100 billion in social costs every year.

Back pain is one of the most common reasons for people visiting their doctor or medical practitioner. Indeed, it has been estimated that as many as four out of every five people in the world will have to consult a medical professional at some point in their lives with a back pain problem.

For those who have never suffered back pain, it is possible that they can sympathize with those who are regular sufferers, but it is unlikely that they can truly appreciate the amount of pain and suffering that back pain brings.

Only a fellow back pain sufferer can truly sympathize and empathize with other sufferers who have been stricken with a similar problem to theirs.

It is also relevant to note that the incidence of chronic back pain problems is on the increase, and that there are probably more sufferers nowadays than there have ever been at any previous time in history.

However, one indisputable fact is that anyone who has ever suffered from back pain, or (even worse) continues to do so knows just how much misery and suffering the condition can bring.

These people would do almost anything to try to find a non-invasive treatment or cure for their condition. As with any medical condition, it is safer and therefore preferable to deal with back pain in a natural manner if possible, and that is the primary topic of this Report.

What is back pain?

Back pain is a pain or discomfort that you feel in your back, with the most common form being pain or discomfort in the lower back area. Usually something that is related to musculoskeletal problems.

The problem for most people that suffer back pain is that they never give it a moment’s thought most of the time, because during those periods of their life they are not in pain. However, as soon as the pain hits, it is a pain that they will feel almost irrespective of what they are doing.

If they are walking or standing, they will be in pain, but even if they are sitting down in a favourite chair or lying down, the chances are that they will still feel the pain.

For anyone who is lucky enough to suffer back pain only intermittently, they will forget how much difficulty they were previously suffering after the pain has gone away again. I’ve done this myself.

The complaint of lower back pain is one of the most common medical complaints known, and yet, because there are many possible causes, it can also be one of the most frustrating and difficult problems for both patients and their medical attendants to deal with.

The good news is that for most people, back problems do tend to be intermittent – meaning that they are likely to go away of their own volition given time.

The amount of time will depend upon the condition itself, the severity of the pain and so on, but for most people, having a ‘bad back’ is a temporary problem.

It is generally believed, and speaking from experience that once you have suffered a back problem, you become more prone to suffering similar problems again in the future, I have.

It is for this reason that even an intermittent, temporary back problem can become a major difficulty for anyone who works in a profession where lifting is essential for them to full fill the tasks of their job.

As an example, it can be a major career threat for anyone in the nursing profession, to suffer a damaged back, because it is absolutely necessary for them to be able to help patients up from a prone position, which necessitates lifting.

What are the causes of back pain?

A simple answer to this question is, it is probably your life that is causing your back pain problem. Using the previous nursing profession example, it is common for back problems to first blight nursing staff because they have made the mistake of lifting a heavier than average patient in the wrong way.

This gives one pointer to a primary cause of back pain for many people. They suffer such pain as a direct side effect of the life they lead, or, more specifically, they often suffer as a ‘side effect’ of the job that they do.

It is a fact that your lower back bears most of the weight of your upper body, and consequently, most back pain occurs as a result of using incorrect lifting techniques leading to strained back muscles and sprained ligaments.

Alternatively, it is very common for these sorts of problems to be caused by an individual making a sudden, jarring movement that jolts their back and damages a muscle.

You may suffer a back spasm, or build up stress in a particular part of your back over a period of time that only needs the proverbial straw to break (or at least damage) your back.

Hence, if you have a back pain that you did not have yesterday, the first thing to suspect is that you did something yesterday to cause this pain. It does not need to be something that is particularly strenuous or difficult, and it is not always obvious what the root cause of your pain might be.

For example, it is a fact of modern life that more and more of us spend hours every day sitting at a desk in front of a computer. Unfortunately, your spine is not well designed for hours of physical inactivity sitting hunched over a computer keyboard, and it is therefore feasible that this single activity could be just as damaging to your back as would be lifting an over-heavy object.

It is for this reason that if you are desk bound and working in front of a computer, you should make an effort to stand at least once every hour, and if you can have a short wander round, that makes things even better.

Even when you are sitting down, try to change your position and shift your body weight whenever possible, because it is the inactivity of not doing so that can adversely affect your back and cause pain.

A similar proviso would apply to any one who spends several hours a day behind the wheel of their car or truck. Take regular breaks, have a stroll about, and remember to shift your weight as regularly as possible while you are behind the wheel.

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