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Bad posture

One of the most effective methods for increasing your height(whether you are an adult or child) is through stretching.  A lot of people think, how can stretching possibly help me grow taller? Stretching can help you get taller by making your muscles relax more which will help add space between each joint in your body. Over time, this will build up to increase your overall height by up to 4 inches in some cased. I think that a more reasonable amount of about 2 inches for anyone who puts in a decent amount of time and effort into their stretches each day.

Things that negatively effect your height

A lot of people are actually taller than they appear because of bad posture. Someone who looks 5’7″ might very well be 5’9″, but because of bad posture they are losing 2 inches of height. Developing good posture takes a lot of work, don’t be fooled. However, with constant thought and effort put into walking around fully upright, you can increase your height by inches within months.

Stretching Exercises – Lower Back

I have noticed that people have the most problems with their lower back regions. There are some stretches you can do that will not only increase your height, but help reduce back pain if you work on these each day.

Stretch 1: While standing with your legs roughly shoulder width apart, slowly bend down and try and touch your toes with your legs remaining straight. Go down until you are slightly uncomfortable and hold it for a minute or two. Come back up for break. After you are ready again, move your legs another inch closer together and repeat the same motion and hold just like above. You will notice that it gets harder to hold the stretch the closer your feet are together. Continue working on this stretch for 2 to 3 months to see good results. Eventually you want to be able to touch the ground when your legs are together. Then when you can touch the ground, you should next aim to make your palms touch the ground. Just remember this doesn’t happen over night and will take months before you can do this comfortably.

Good luck and keep working hard! And remember, Rome was not built in a day!

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