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Body Pillow Benefits for Pregnant Women

As you probably already know, the strain of pregnancy can create a number of body ailments; pelvic pain, back pain and pelvic pressure, just to name a few. Many of these ailments are caused by the sheer weight and size of your growing baby. Some ailments, however, like pelvic pain, can be caused by hormones released during pregnancy that are designed to help ready the body for delivery. In either case, the pains experienced during pregnancy can make sleeping very difficult.

A body pillow can make sleeping a little easier. Body pillows come in a wide range of shapes, sizes and thickness. And while personal preference is generally the deciding factor when it comes to choosing a body pillow, you can expect to receive a number of benefits, no matter which style or size you choose.

Benefits can include:

· Better sleeping position

· Less strain on the back, neck and pelvis

· Decreased pulling and pressure on the belly

· Improved overall rest

· Improved relief from heartburn

Better Sleeping Position

During pregnancy, doctors recommend that you avoid sleeping on your back and your stomach. Sleeping on your back can place pressure on certain nerves and blood vessels, decreasing blood flow to the baby and causing pain, dizziness and other ailments. Sleeping on your stomach places pressure directly on your baby.

Less Strain on Back, Neck and Pelvis

Because a body pillow is designed to encompass and support all major pressure points and can be moved easily, you can achieve less strain on your neck, back and pelvis area by placing the body pillow under your belly, under your head, between your legs or even behind your back to help support you while you sleep.

Decreased Pulling and Pressure on the Belly

As your belly grows, you may notice increased pressure or pulling on the abdomen while lying on your side. By placing the body pillow underneath your belly, you can support the muscles and fetus easily, reducing the overall strain on your belly.

Improved Overall Rest

It goes without saying that pain makes it difficult to sleep. By decreasing the pain often experienced by pregnant women while trying to fall asleep, a body pillow can help make falling asleep easier. It can also decrease the chances that you will wake up throughout the night from pain. (This says nothing, of course, of the fact that you may be woken repeatedly by bathroom trips or a kicking baby.)

Improved Relief from Heartburn

If you are experiencing a lot of heartburn, you may find that a body pillow can help. Instead of using the body pillow to lie on your side, double the pillow up behind your head and elevate your body. This may help keep unwanted stomach acid down and make falling asleep easier. You may find that you need additional pillows on your side to help prevent you from rolling over while sleeping.

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