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Bowling game

Most people may view the sport of bowling as one of a non-physical form, but this requires a lot of body movement. The whole issue of swinging the ball and rolling it requires movement of the body and put a great amount of strain on muscles and joints. While before a bowling game most people do not exercise here are some tips that can make you perform better as a bowler.

Before any bowling game you will need to stretch to get your muscles and joints ready for action. The first tip is to tile your neck forward to your chest till you feel it in the back of your neck, hold this position for about five seconds and then tilt your left and right when you are finished. The second tip is grabbing your right arm and raising it over your head then bend arm at the elbow while holding it with the next arm.

Do this for both of your arms for at least ten seconds. The next is to place your right leg in front of your left leg then put your hands on the thigh, when doing this your back must be correctly straight do this to both of your legs for ten seconds. The fourth is a very important area which is the hip and this particular area comes under a lot of stress when bowling. The method for this area is to put your hands on your hip’s and turn around slowly while keeping your back as straight as possible.

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