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Causes of Lower Back Pain in Late Pregnancy!

If you are in your 8th month of 9th month, there is a good chance you will start feeling lower back pain in late pregnancy. It is not uncommon, but to fix the problem you need to know what is causing it. 

The most probable cause will be the wrong kind of activity during your pregnancy. It can be the bad posture, or something you tried to lift. Or even something so simple as sleeping uncomfortably. 

Some other more serious causes can be that you have a bladder infection, the possibility of pre-term labor or the real labor. If any of these are your concerns, get in touch with your Doctor even if it is false alarm. Better safe than sorry!

Or it can be something as simple as the bad posture. If you sit too long, or stand too long, it really will affect the back pain, and especially if you are standing and having uncomfortable shoes. Those are a big NO NO!

But most probable cause of lower back pain in late pregnancy is the extra weight your belly is putting on your back. The pain can be like it is shooting down your leg, or so unbearable that you cannot move. 

Now if it gets to be unbearable, talk to your DR. and most likely you will have to do some bed rest, but if it is just starting there are many natural methods to help you out with reducing the back pain in late pregnancy, that are completely pregnancy safe. Just don’t let the problem get out of hand.   

If you have the time, I suggest you read the free guide written by the Jennifer Lows, on ways to stop and prevent the pregnancy back pain.

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