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Combat Back Pain in Pregnancy

There are many problems encountered during the most crucial months of a woman’s life- during pregnancy. Pain in joints, muscles and ligaments draw most of their attention. The percentage of women suffering from back pain in pregnancy has always been higher. Today, because of strict working schedules, the women who unknowingly stress themselves have been complaining of this problem. The stress might result in muscle fatigue, ligament rupture and even slight dislocation of bones leading to unbearable pain. During pregnancy, the calcium level in the body often drops down. So, the bones are more prone to injuries. This low level can be supplemented by Calcium tablets and intake of calcium rich foods.

Don’t Let It Dominate You

The moment you come to know that the mild backache you were experiencing for the past few days is actually the beginning of a serious back problem, you might get tense. But, you can’t go on by simply worrying over this issue. All you need to do is consult your health advisor and follow his instructions. The first step to be taken as part of the remedy is to take a chill pill no matter how busy you are in your work. Frequent breaks from work at regular intervals of time can aid you a lot. If you are into desk work, fetch time to get up and take a walk or recline your chair to relax. If your work involves lots of physical activity, lie down for some time on a comfortable bed and close your eyes. You will get immense relief and strength.

Causes And Cures Of Pregnancy Back Pain

Backache in pregnancy occurs due to the additional baby weight that causes the backbone to strive more to keep the body straight. Changes in the hormonal levels in the mother’s body add more pain in the backbone. The kind of treatment that you choose is up to you and your doctor. Some start exercising regularly and some follow a strict diet regimen along with medication. Today, many are considering Yoga to be a very useful means of treatment. Yoga and meditation not only relieve your body but also your soul. Though it is a very safe remedy, yet pregnant ladies are advised to consult their Yoga teacher. Luckily, these days many hospitals conduct special Yoga classes to let the people know about the various asanas. These asanas or Yoga postures are required to be learnt correctly by the people and thoroughly practiced as well. By doing this, you can very well win over your back pain in pregnancy and look forward to an exhilarating experience of your lifetime!

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