Consumer Reports slams Teslas automation feature – Seeking Alpha

Consumer Reports says it tested Tesla’s (TSLA +2.4%) Smart summon feature after seeing anecdotal reports criticizing the functionality on the Model 3.

“We found that the automation was glitchy and at times worked intermittently, without a lot of obvious benefits for consumers,” notes CR.

“In tests at one lot and at the Consumer Reports Auto Test Center, the vehicle drove in the middle of the traffic lane, not on the side closer to the parked cars, as a human driver would. It would wander left and right as it drove—erratically, like a drunken or distracted driver. In another instance, the Model 3 drove itself the wrong way on a one-way lane. The tester had to run out to the car to move it to allow traffic to begin flowing again.”

The publication maintains that Tesla owners are being used as beta testers of the not-yet-ready technology.

Tesla hasn’t issued any official response to the report.

Consumer Reports has issued positive reports on Tesla in the past, including giving the Model S a perfect score back in 2015.