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Dealing With Lower Back Pain and Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a wonderful time in any woman’s life and while the prospect of bringing a new baby into the world is exciting sometimes the physical effects of being pregnant can make a pregnancy somewhat miserable. Probably one of the biggest complaints of all pregnant women is lower back pain.

If you are thinking of having a baby and are not yet pregnant, are currently pregnant, or have just given birth and are experiencing lower back pain there are some things you can do to help relieve the pain. If the pain is severe enough or extreme to the point that you find it hard to move around it is always a good idea to see your doctor before attempting any form of treatment. They will be your best source of information to find out what is safe for you to do during a pregnancy. Your doctor may also be able to refer you to a physical therapist or chiropractor who specializes in pregnancy.

The best time to deal with lower back issues during a pregnancy is before you become pregnant for obvious reasons. If you and your significant other are contemplating trying to get pregnant one of the best things you can do is build up your abdominal muscles. Weak abs are a big reason why so many people have lower back issues. Not only will working your abs before pregnancy help you avoid back troubles it will also make it easier to get that tummy flattened after giving birth and avoid future back pain.

Just about any type of ab exercise routine will work before you get pregnant. There is a wealth of information available on the internet when it comes to different ways to work your abs. Some of the better known exercises include crunches, which can be done with or without an exercise ball, reverse crunches, leg lifts, and isometric abdominal exercises.

Exercising during pregnancy is a good idea because of the health benefits to both the mom and her baby, but the types of exercises are somewhat limited. Modified abdominal workouts are the best way to go and these normally consist of side crunches, reverse crunches, and modified crunches. A modified crunch is done by stacking pillows behind your head, keeping you from laying flat during the exercise. Exercise during pregnancy should be kept at a moderate level and needs to be signed off on by your doctor.

After the baby is born and your doctor clears you to return to normal life you can go back to a more regular exercise routine. There may be a short wait while your body recovers from giving birth, or if you had a C-section the wait may be a little longer. If you ease back into your routine before long any lower back pain you’ve been experiencing should become a thing of the past.

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