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Diagnosing Lower Left Side Back Pain

When we feel pain it is easy to try and convince ourselves that we know the cause and just assume that because we have pain in the back or the leg, that the problem is based purely in that area. There are occasions when a pain in one part of the body will be an indication of a problem elsewhere and this should always be considered before treatment is carried out. A prime example of this is when suffering from lower left side back pain as it may not be as simple as a pull or strain in that area.

When there is lower left side back pain there is the possibility that it is a problem with the kidneys as this is the part of the body where they are situated. Unless you are aware of this it will be hard to identify this as a concern and the kidney condition will be considered just a muscle pull.

When it is the kidneys that are the problem the pain will radiate from the lower left hand side of the body. For this reason it will be easy to confuse it, but if the pain is sharp it is very likely that it is a kidney problem. If the pain is as a result of there being a muscle that is pulled it will be more the middle of the back that will be affected. If you are feeling lower left side back pain then it needs to be looked at quickly in case there is a more serious underlying cause.

When visiting the doctor to discuss lower left side back pain it will be advisable to have information ready as there are a number of questions to be asked so as the doctor can identify the severity of the problem. They will want to know things such as when the pain started, how severe it is, is it on going or sporadic, how have you been dealing with it since it started and what has been most effective.

As well as kidney problems there are other conditions that can be the cause of lower left side back pain. It can be a symptom of Irritable Bowel Syndrome and it is very likely that there are certain foods that need to be avoided in order to stop the pain. This will normally also include vomiting or other stomach problems although even without these other symptoms it cannot be ruled out.

A muscle imbalance will lead to lower left side back pain and unless this can be corrected the only answer is going to be permanent medication. Very often when there are muscular problems that are causing the pain it is going to be across both sides of the back and will not be limited to just the one side. If it is just lower left side back pain being experienced it is very likely going to need additional treatment than the sort that can be carried out for other types of back pain.

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