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Early Morning Lower Back Pain – Some Exercises

Early morning lower back pain can be got rid of easily if you are willing to do some stretches and exercises right after getting up from bed. These lower back pains could be of two types. The first type could be because of the nerve damage and the second type could be because of some sore muscles.

The type of pain can be, to some extent, determined by the person undergoing the pain. To get a clearer picture, one will have to get himself diagnosed. The muscle pain would be aching in nature and the nerve pain would be like an electrical shock or someone poking with a needle.

Heating pad can be used to get rid of this lower back pain problem. But be sure of what is actually causing the pain. If it is because of the muscle, then it would not be a huge problem. But if it is because of the nerve damage, then this heating pad is not recommended. This is because the heat from the heating pad could worsen the problem and increase the damage.

Backward extension exercises are some of the stretches that are generally recommended for such problems. This exercise was developed by Robert McKenzie, a renowned physical therapist. This exercise helps in centralizing the pain from different portions of the back region to one particular position. This eases down the pain and also makes the problem more bearable.

To get better results from these exercises, it is recommended that you do these exercises for three times a day and not just once a day. They should be preferably done when the pain arises rather than doing it randomly. Exercising when the pain shows up is better as that will help in bringing down the suffering as soon as possible. Application of ice packs wrapped in a piece of cotton cloth is also a very good way of dealing with this problem.

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