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EFT For Back Pains And Sex (Part 2)

One aspect in your life that will benefit greatly from EFT is actually your relationship with your significant other. Bear in mind that sex and back pains are two things that do not work well together. If you are one of those people who have back pains, then you know how difficult and problematic that can be when it comes to your sex life. In order to be able to rebalance your life, and avoid back pain from interfering in your relationship by creating relationship problems, you need to learn how to alleviate your this pain so that you can avoid disrupting your relationship.

The first thing that we need to discuss is how these physical ailments can affect and disrupt your sex life. Bear in mind that back pain can directly affect different facets in your life, and if left untreated, could lead to serious emotional, physical, psychological and sexual challenges that could create some problems for you.

There are actually a lot of different types of pain, each one affecting different areas of your back. Any form of trauma, stress or injury to these areas could lead to serious physical limitations that can diminish your performance in bed.

Brittle Back

Brittle back actually refers to a type of back pain wherein the slightest movement of any kind will already generate a high level of intolerable painful feeling. People afflicted with this type of pain will find it very difficult to perform during sex, especially since most if not all types of positions for sex may be too intolerable for you. You may be able to still have sex using sexual positions that do not risk too much movement on the back. Still, having sex with this condition can prove to be very problematic.

Flexion And Extension Principle

Flexion, as the name indicates, means that any movement that involves bending backwards will cause you some pain, while extension is just the complete opposite of that principle. People who experience the flexion principle might want to employ positions that allows for forward bending positions of the back, while people who experience extension principle problems might want to opt for positions that allow some form of support for the lower back arch. The use of pillows or other objects can be exploited to maintain the position for the duration of the act.

One Side Back Pain

People who experience this type of pain should be able to find comfort in any position just as long as they would be able to bend one leg, which is generally on the side that does not hurt. Partners might find it easier to do the deed when they simply lie on their sides.

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