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A Simple Muscle Stretching Exercise For Your Hamstrings

Hamstring stretches are essential not only for those involved in athletics or dancing, but for everyone. The hamstrings are the bulky muscle group that goes from the base of your butt to below ones knee, and need to remain flexible and robust for healthy living. Ones reactions, stability, stamina and overall health is advanced when your hamstrings are soundly taken care of.

Not Enough Room or Space? No Unique Gear? No Issue!

Even if you have a cramped amount of elbow-room and no expensive fitness gear you can still be able to accomplish top-notch stretches with your hamstrings. There are plenty of stretches for your hamstrings, but here is a stretch that you can do while doing many other tasks; such as working out, dancing and even walking. Think about the last time you were in your car for a long drive and when you stopped you felt stiffness together with discomfort in the back of your legs, this hamstring stretch is perfect for those times.

Even If you ever Can’t Reach Your Shoes It Still Works

For those of us who are able to touch our toes, this is probably due to our long ligaments. However, it can also be the result of being limber with lots of flexibility in our ligaments. The exercise I’m referring to does not require you to be able to reach ones feet; anyone can do this stretch.

It is wise to pause and stretch just before and all through any activity, even going for walks, but you must absolutely stretch after the activity is done. Just make sure to mildly stretch before you start any physical activity and not over work it, as your muscles are certainly not ready yet.

Finally Your Hamstring Stretch

All that is required is an item that is a couple of feet high and first set an individual leg onto it straight. Next, while trying to keep your back unbent, lightly lower the leg your still standing on. Keep your back altogether unbent while flexing in the hips in the direction of your outstretched leg.

Keeping your back upright is what produces the main friction during this stretch. You should set out to feel some sort of pull or even tightness in the rear of your hamstring. Once you start to feel this restriction, continue easing into the stretch, but don’t go so far that it begins to hurt.

After you’ve kept the tension in the hamstring for a few seconds, commence to unbend back up slightly, reducing the stress. Then you bend your grounded leg once again and this time you are able to go slightly beyond the very first time.

Continue this technique as often as necessary to provide ones hamstring an excellent stretch. After the first leg is fully expanded, switch legs and repeat.

Also look at the surrounding situation during the time of stretching including how warm you are, the heat outside, and what gear you are now wearing. All these factors play into how far you ought to push yourself and how much stretching you should do either before and also after activities. It is usually a smart idea to have liquid readily available all through any stretches.

This is a perfect stretch to use after sitting for a long period of time, just locate a medium height ledge. Be careful though, since you will not be warmed up and may be quite tight, but this stretch will get parts of your muscles back on track.

As an extra benefit, hamstring stretches can also help with many types of low back aches you may be having and often they are also advantageous if you experience hip pain.

Being a dedicated runner for many years, it is necessary to keep my hamstrings very limber and healthy. Stretching them regularly is key to maintaining them for such activities. I suggest you seek even more information on the best hamstring stretches.

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