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When I was thirty eight, my back just gave way and it was the most intense pain I had ever felt.  My doctor suggested back pain relief products like lotions, potions and pills, that barely touched the pain. This went on for a few months, then my doctor sent me to a physiotherapist, who recommended using a tens machine and trying muscle balance therapy. 

I can attest to the tens machine being one of the better back pain relief products out there.  The tens machine sends small electrical pulses through your skin and muscles to the nerves, which are carrying the message to your brain, that you are actually feeling the pain. 

What happens, basically is that the electrical pulse beats the normal message, so you feel no pain.  The only thing with the tens machine is that it should not be worn for to long, as you can make movements that will normally hurt, but you won’t feel until later.

Muscle balance therapy is perhaps one of the most under looked of the back pain relief products, but it has given thousands of people relief from their aching backs and prevented some more serious back conditions too.

As the name suggests, muscle balance therapy, are exercises that balance out the muscles in our backs.  As humans we tend to use one side of our body more than other, which can result in misalignment of our backs.  This can also by caused by some of our lifestyle choices, if we end up using certain muscles more than others.

This imbalance means that parts of bodies ending up pushing and pulling in the wrong way. You know the song, your leg bones connected to your thigh bone, etc, etc.  Well as you know, your muscles are responsible for keeping those bones together and working in the right way. 

So when our muscles are out of sync, we get problems and our discs and other parts can be moved into the wrong positions, causing things like a prolapsed disc.   With muscle balance therapy, the muscles are toned back into how they should be, which is equal, this in turn keeps the bones in the right place and stops them from twisting, moving or being put out of joint.

Both of these back pain relief  products have been vital in improving my standard of life. Whilst I was undergoing the muscle balance therapy, I used the tens machine to help with the pain.  Now my back and body feel aligned, I feel like a spring chicken.

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