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What is erectile dysfunction (ED)?

Erectile dysfunction is one of the most common sexual disorder effecting men. This distressing condition can destroy a man’s ego and threaten happy relationships. Erectile dysfunction is nothing but a condition, wherein a person has difficulty getting and /or keeping an erection. It affects about half of all men aged 40 to 70 years.

Why erectile dysfunction should be treated ?

Erectile dysfunction can have a significant impact on a man’s life. It may affect his self-confidence & self image. If not treated in time, erectile dysfunction may have devastating effect on man’s personal, professional and social life. Fortunately, erectile dysfunction is a treatable condition in majority of men who have it.

Who is likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction?

Chances of developing this condition increases with age. Studies have shown that approximately 50% of all men above the age of 40 years experience some problem with erection. Apart from increasing age, following lifestyle factor also increase the risk of ED.

Excessive stress: Individuals under constant stress & tension are more likely to develop ED.

Smoking: Smoking adversely affects circulation of blood. Smokers are more likely to develop ED than non-smokers. Even 2 cigarettes per day may have adverse effect on erection.

Excessive alcohol consumption: Alcohol provokes the desire but takes away the performance. Alcohol has depressing effect on the nerves & can interfere with your ability to get an erection.

Drug addiction: Use of illict drugs such as marijuana, cocaine etc. has been reported to cause problem with erection.

Apart from above mentioned lifestyle factors certain medical diseases can also lead to difficulty with erection. The medical conditions which can lead to this problem are:

Diabetes,High Cholesterol, Mental Disorders e.g. Depression, Injury to spine, Kidney diseases, Hypertension

In addition, certain medication & surgery of prostate can also lead to difficulty with erection.

Medications causing erectile dysfunction.

Many commonly used medications may bring about erectile dysfunction as an unwanted effect. These include some drugs in the following categories:

High blood pressure, medications, Anti-depressants, Diuretics Certain drugs used to treat cancer

If you suspect that your erection problem is a result of a medication you have been prescribed, DO NOT STOP TAKING THE MEDICATION WITHOUT CONSULTING YOUR DOCTOR. Your doctor may prescribe an alternative medication which may be less likely to interfere with erection.

Is erectile dysfunction treatable?

If you think you have any difficulty with your sex life talk to a qualified DOCTOR. Remember there is nothing to be embarrassed about. Today, many different options are available for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Certain medicines, surgeries vacuum pumps etc. can be used to treat erectile dysfunction. Consult DOCTOR to know more about these options.

Some myths about Impotence:

Myth: Impotence is inevitable with age.

Fact: Although the frequency of erection problems increases with age, the condition itself is not a natural part of aging.

Myth: Impotence makes a man infertile.

Fact: Majority of men suffering from impotence have no abnormalities of sperms. Impotence does not makes a men infertile.

Myth: Impotence is cause by psychological problems.

Fact: Even though emotional factors, such as relationship problems, anxiety, undue stress or depression can lead to impotence, all case of impotence are not due to psychological problems. Certain medical diseases such as diabetes, hypertension etc, can also lead to impotence. Hence all individuals suffering from impotence should undergo thorough medical examination to rule out medical causes of impotence.

Myth: Impotence in incurable.

Fact: In majority of individuals, impotence can be easily treated with the help of Medicines.

Tips for healthy sex life:

Quit Smoking,

Do not consume alcohol,

Perform regular physical exercise to keep you fit,

Relax by doing meditation, yoga, listening to music etc.,

Do not take your office to your bedroom,

Communicate your likes & dislikes with your partner,

Do not be under pressure to perform,

If you are not satisfied with your sex life, please do not hesitate to consult a qualified doctor.,

Do not self-medicate, Do not take help of “Sex-Tonics” available in the market. They will not solve your problem. “Sex-Tonic” do more harm than good.

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