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Exercise and Back Pain

Back pain. We’ve all suffered from it at least one time in our lives. And having experienced that pain, we all know just how debilitating it can be in our every day lives, not to mention completely eliminating our exercise workouts. The problem with back pain too is, once you’ve experienced it, you can bet you will be plagued with it again.

There are ways however, to help prevent and eliminate back pain. The first thing I recommend is to see a Chiropractor. A Chiropractor can make sure you spine in aligned, remove nerve interference and make sure your disks are where they are supposed to be. This will help reduce your back pain in a very short time.

The next thing I recommend is strengthening your abdominal muscles. The abdominal muscles hold the pelvic girdle in place and help align the spine properly. If your abdominal muscles are weak, you will potentially put too much pressure on your spine during even your most simple day to day activities. That pressure can cause a pinched nerve or a slipped disk, resulting in lots of back pain and reduction in quality of life.

When deciding on abdominal exercises, be sure to choose the ones that focus on contracting the abdominal muscles. And be sure to perform the exercise properly. An example of not performing the exercise properly would be, using momentum when doing crunches. If you use momentum when doing crunches, you aren’t contracting the abdominal muscle enough when lifting your shoulders, therefore that exercise isn’t as effective as is should be and you can potentially put undue pressure on your spine.

If you have a chin up bar, you can attach arm straps to it and perform leg lifts. There are several different abdominal exercises you can do with those. Gravity boots allow you to really target your abdominals as well. The slower you perform the exercise the better.

A word of caution with the gravity boots though, if you are a heavy person and you hang from your ankles, you could be putting too much pressure on your knees. So keep that in mind when choosing your exercises.

If you like to run/jog and you are suffering from back pain, think about switching to an elliptical trainer. It will greatly reduce the impact on your spine. If however, you just prefer to run, then be sure to reduce the amount of time you are running until your back is no longer causing you pain. Consider briskly walking instead of running while you are recuperating from back pain. When you are finally free from back pain, you can slowly increase your running duration.

Remember, once you strengthen your core muscles, you reduce the potential for injuring your spine. Strong core muscles will also make your recovery from back pain go much faster. You will be amazed at how much better your back will feel if you see a Chiropractor to make sure your spine is aligned and strengthen your abdominals to make sure your spine is protected.

Yours in health,

Dr. Rick

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