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Exercise Helps You Deal With Back Pain During Pregnancy

A majority of pregnant women experience some or the other kind of discomfort in their back during the three trimesters and exercise is advised to get relief from back pain at this time. Continuous pain in the back can be quite irritating. However, if you bring about a slight change in your posture along with a simple exercise routine, you will strengthen your back muscles to help yourself cope better with the delivery part.

Common Causes Of A Back Problem While Being Pregnant

Discomfort in the back during pregnancy is mainly due to the internal changes taking place in a woman’s body. The main causes of back pain are the hormonal changes that make the joints less secure, weight gain in the abdominal area and postural strain due to a shift in the woman’s center of gravity.

Exercise- The Best Way To Ensure A Comfortable Pregnancy

Rest is not the remedy during this time. You can control your back pain with simple exercises, which include gentle stretching movements that help reduce muscle spasms. A well-balanced exercise schedule during pregnancy includes a combination of a cardiovascular workout as well as some power and flexibility exercises.

A regular exercise routine will restore smooth functioning of the spinal cord, as well as, increase your energy level that will help in easy delivery and quick post partum recuperation. Exercise during pregnancy needs to be done with utmost care and should be enjoyable for the mom-to-be.

Warm up with a tepid shower or take a short five minutes walk to loosen the muscles. Start with the strengthening exercises, which need to be performed for 2-3 minutes. These workouts strengthen the abdominal and back muscles, buttocks and the pelvic floor. Cardiovascular exercises such as moderate walking and swimming increase your heart rate for a constant period and perk up your stamina. However, keep in mind that you should discontinue exercising if you experience continuous pain. While swimming, it is advisable to avoid the breaststroke. Do it only with your face completely in water, so that your neck and spine stay aligned.

Stretching is also recommended as a good exercise to relieve back pain during this time. Some of the stretching exercises include back stretch, hamstring stretch, chest stretch and the wall posture stretch. Perform the stretching exercises for 2-4 minutes.

A daily, ten minute exercise program targeted at the pain causing muscles will give you a lot of comfort during pregnancy. Not only will you feel healthy, but also will be able to carry on with your daily routine without the discomfort of a nagging backache. Even if you do not suffer from a back problem, perform the simple exercises to avoid any back pain in the future.

Back pain during pregnancy is a common complaint of most women. If not corrected, then pregnancy back pain can lead to future complications during delivery and post partum stage. If you want the best for your little one, exercise regularly to remove back muscle pain and enjoy an exciting pregnancy.

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