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Experiencing Really Bad Back Pain During Pregnancy?

Here is the thing, it is a normal thing to have a bad back pain during pregnancy, but it does not matter how “normal” they call it, you feel miserable! There is some good news and some bad news. The good news is: that you can reduce the back pain during pregnancy, and the bad news is that it can come back!

Some of the causes for back pain is the extra weight you are experiencing, the position your baby is in, and not taking care of your body properly.

The extra weight just has to come! There is no way around it, but you can do plenty to ease the strain on the back. 

You can wear the pregnancy support belt, and you can even buy the maternity pillow to help take the weight off your back. Because ultimately, that is the main cause of the bad back pain during pregnancy!

Here are some big no, no’s! Do not wear high heals no matter what. Right now, it is all about comfort. The improper standing position, can make your back hurt a lot more, and in addition, cause the permanent damage! And when I say permanent damage, that means the surgery required at some point in your life, and only around 30% of surgeries are successful. You don’t want that to happen do you?

Do not lift anything heavy. Get others to do it. And if you just have to lift something, put the pressure on your leg muscles not the back muscles! 

Get a list of safe stretching exercises, because if your pregnancy is normal, not a high risk, you can do plenty of stretching that will ease your pain!

Many natural remedies for reducing and stopping back pain during pregnancy are listed in a Free Guide [] on Stopping the Back Pain During Pregnancy, written by Jennifer Lows

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