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Extremely Important Things to Know About Lower Left Side Back Pain

Have you ever experienced lower left side back pain? What is it an indication of? According to some medical reports it is indicative of colon cancer. It is reported that when the tumor in this region grows, it tends to place some pressure on a nerve which is located in the lower left side of the body. Often doctors may not be able to identify it as colon cancer.

Pain on the lower left side is common and may result even from exercise. Try to get a colonoscopy performed to rule out colon cancer. After you have ascertained that the pain has resulted from a muscle injury, you should start following some exercise routine to allow the muscle to heal. Consult a good physio-therapist. Once you start on a good exercise program your muscles will gain strength and also you’re your abdomen will lose any fat deposits it may have.

Any kind of back pain results from four factors: tightening or weakening of muscles, incorrect movement of the joints and improper pelvic balance.

If you want to ease the pain you feel in the lower right back then you will have to work on the muscles where the pain is caused. This pain will manifest itself in lower leg back pain or lower back abdominal pain or side lower back pain. When people try to move the joints in jerky motions to improve their flexibility they end up feeling more pain, the reason is without identifying the correct source of the problem they try to rectify it.

Identify the problem area with the help of a good physio-therapist will enable your to root out the problem of lower left side back pain.

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