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Five Common Mistakes Back Pain Sufferers Make

As a former back pain sufferer and someone who specializes on healthy aging issues, I constantly run into people who have back problems. So many of these people make the same mistake I made when dealing with their back pain. Here are five mistakes I made and I believe most back pain sufferers make.

  1. Denial: Boy this was me! I have always kept myself in good shape. So how could I possibly have a herniated disc? The truth is anyone can have a herniated disc; some may even have a ruptured disc and not even know it.

  2. Ignoring The Pain: Because I was in denial I thought the pain was simply another sore muscle or pulled muscle caused by over doing it. So I took a couple of aspirins and rubbed in some heat rub. The problem is that in ignoring the pain or acknowledging that it could be something worse than a simple muscle sprain, I only made the situation worse.

  3. Not Treating The Real Cause: Once I realized that the pain was caused by something more than a pulled muscle I started treating the symptoms not the cause. This seemed to make sense at the time after all I was seeing a specialist and doing rehab. In my ignorance back surgery made sense. Unfortunately after a “successful” surgery the pain was still there. Why? Because the surgery although it fix my herniated disc still did not treat the underlining problem which was muscle imbalance.

  4. Not Being Your Own Advocate: Because I denied it was a back problem and thought I was too fit to have a herniated disc I did not take control. I firmly believe that whatever your illness or injury it is vital to be your own advocate. Of course I am not saying to ignore your doctor’s advice; certainly your health care professions have your best interest at heart. What I am saying is that it important to fully understand your options and the risks/benefits involved. Ask questions, research your condition and be aware of the choices you have available to you.

  5. Not Following Though With Your Treatment: It is amazing to me how many back sufferers do not complete their treatment. They make the mistake of not finishing their rehab or not continuing their exercise program after their rehab is finished. I am a big believer in taking preventive measures where my health is concerned.

Back problems are serious business! Ignoring the pain or not properly taking care of your back pain are mistakes you can’t afford to make. My advice to back pain sufferers is to take action, be your own advocate and stick with your rehab/exercise program. Don’t make the five mistakes many back pain sufferers make. These mistakes will only make your back pain worse and delay or prolong your recovery.

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