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For Back Pain – Strategies for Relief

> Exercise:

Low to moderate exercises, such as pelvic lifts, wall sits, or press up back extensions will strengthen your back muscles,
thus easing back pain in a great many cases. The back is a myriad of bone, nerves, and soft tissue that can weaken from underuse, weight gain, injury, or even the aging process.

There are many books, DVDS, and online sources that will show you the best exercises to tone, strengthen, and
rejuvenate those tired, sore, and aching back muscles. Just remember to start off light and easy, to prevent causing more injury, and back pain.

Another very important area to address is the abdominals. Ab exercises strengthen your core, balances your torso, and are a great remedy for back pain.

> Weight Loss:

Over sixty percent of adults in the U.S. are categorized as being overweight or obese. Being overweight can contribute to osteoporosis, osteo arthritis, disc disease, and numerous other painful conditions. Eating a balanced diet, taking a good multi- vitamin, getting regular exercise will lead to lower weight and lessen or banish your back pain.

There are many diet programs on the market, but choose one that offers a well balanced, nutritional, healthy regimen. I prefer a low carbohydrate diet, but any of the well known diets will work if you stay focused, and follow it faithfully everyday.

> Eliminate Sugar:

Ingesting too much sugar will flood your system with insulin, which will increase your sensitivity to pain. Simple carbohydrates like sugar are never good in excess, but in regards to pain, the insulin spike will definitely affect your pain sensation.

> Relaxation:

Stress is a major cause of pain in all areas of the body. Deep breathing, meditation, or just lying on your back, with your knees pointed upward will relax you and ease the pressure, and is a great exercise for back pain.

Avoid stressful situations, and be aware of any clenching or tightening of your muscles in these situations. Your body will tell you when to relax and wind down if you let it.


Stretching is one of the best activities you can do for back pain. The act of stretching itself relaxes you, revives you, and drains the effects of stress right out of your body.

With the fast paced lifestyle we enjoy, it’s difficult to address the everyday aches and pains we live with.
Hopefully these tips for back pain will help ease that pain.

John Fox

John Fox lives in New York, and writes articles on health and related issues. He has lived with pain for many years, and uses non-surgical, non-pharmaceutical means to deal with his pain.

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