Former senior FBI agent wonders how Comeys hope to be forgotten squares with new CBS mini-series – Washington Examiner

Former FBI agent James Gagliano questioned why former FBI Director James Comey was having a TV show made about him if his stated goal was to be “forgotten.”

Gagliano, who was a supervisory special agent, pointed out the apparent contradiction Monday on Twitter.

“This is an odd thing (pause) but I hope to be forgotten,” Gagliano said, quoting Comey’s words during a book tour in 2018. Along with the quote, Gagliano tweeted a reporter announcing that CBS was going to produce a four-hour television series based on Comey’s book.

Comey, 58, released his memoir A Higher Loyalty: Truth, Lies and Leadership in 2018. Jeff Daniels will play in him in the new series, which begins production next month.

Gagliano has been critical of Comey in the past, calling him “sanctimonious” and loyal first and foremost to himself.