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Four Back Stretching Exercises For Senior Citizens

As the senior citizens age get more they try to avoid every kind of exercise that would make them fall. But a very important fact is to keep the muscles strong even if the individual cannot walk or move freely for a period of time. That is the area where stretching for these person’s are very critical, because the method of stretching improves your joints and helps to strengthen the muscles.

These types of stretches are very important for the senior citizens, for a start try to walk for five to ten minutes to get your muscles warmed up. Warming up is a very important part of it as without this you will damage your muscles very easily. For each particular stretch hold it for about 10-20 seconds and do this two times. In the case of the hamstring stretch you should put a chair in front of you and then put your leg on the chair and lean forward while keeping the back quite straight. The next important one is the back stretch which is done by interlacing your fingers and put your head into it and stretches till you feel the tension in your back.

The other is the torso workout which is done by sitting with your arms up and the fingers interlaced with the palms up. Slowly lean to one side and hold the position when you feel the tension then do the same for the other side as well about 2-3 times. The final one is the triceps stretch and this is done by bending your left elbow behind of your head, then use the right hand to pull it further until you feel the tension in the back of the arm.

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