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Erectile dysfunction is caused by a lot of things. Conditions like anger, fret, stress and dejection are a few of the emotional problems that cause erectile dysfunction. They are also caused by the side effects of some drugs on men. Some of the side effects come from drugs used for the remedy of epilepsy, depression, heart diseases, blood pressure and the rest of other diseases. If the degree of your testosterone is not high, it could also be the cause of this sexual problem. No matter the cause of your erectile dysfunction, there are natural remedies for the treatment of this sexual problem.

Step 1
I suggest you begin by searching for the source of your condition before you choose to consume any herbal product. Reexamine your emotional pasts. If you feel the condition might have come from annoyance with your lover, depression or stress which you pass through, try to handle these problems first.

Step 2
Horny goat weed: it is one of the natural remedies for erectile dysfunction, but the problem of this weed is the side effects of taking it. It does not act instantly after you have finished taking it, but it needs about 1 week or more to start to function. It has an effective element called icariin which acts like some of the elements utilized in the recommended medications for the remedy of erectile dysfunction. The bad side of horny goat weed is that it has a lot of side effects like high blood pressure and the rest of others. This is why some people do not like to take it.

Step 3
Some of the reasons why people encounter this sexual problem could be as a result of decrease in the mineral nutrients in their body. Try to add a lot of zinc and other forms of mineral into your food to see if this is the reason for yours. It is widely known that zinc increases the creation of male hormones which are needed for an erection. This is a good natural remedy for erectile dysfunction.

Step 4
Try as much as possible to boost your way of life with an inclusion of various types of exercises. It is generally known that if there is increase of blood flow, it will help to remedy your erectile dysfunction. Exercises that are aerobic in nature remain one of the effective ways of boosting the blood flow with no intake of drugs or herbs.

Step 5
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