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Golf Flexibility Stretches Reduce Back Pain

If you’re a golfer, you no doubt have experienced back pain at some point. Golf flexibility stretches is the most effective approach to curing this. You need to understand that the golf swing puts a tremendous amount of stress on your spine, especially the lumbar area. This is most likely due to tight muscles surrounding the area, as well as weakened muscles that cannot withstand the torque of the swing for 18 holes.

What Muscles Should You Stretch

There are several areas you should focus on that will relieve stress in your back. They are the glutes; hamstrings, and hip flexors. If you notice, it’s all the muscles that surround (front and back) the affected area.


These are your butt muscles for a simpler term, and when you get in your golf posture, they are the ones that really contract to keep you in your posture. If they are weak and tight, you lower spine will take the brunt of the stress.

Stretching this area is quite simple and can be done even while you’re sitting at your chair at work. While seated grab one knee, bring that same foot across your other thigh, and pull it towards your chest. You will feel a big stretch in that same glute. Hold it for 10 seconds and do the other leg.

You can easily do this everyday, and after just a few days, you’ll start to feel your lower back loosen up bigtime!


This is probably the biggest culprit for back pain. There are several muscles that make up your hamstrings, but the 2 big ones are the biceps femoris and the semitendonosis. The main function of this muscle group is to flex the knees and extend the hips. Bot of these motions are repeatedly done during your golf swing.

If they are tight, they will put undo stress on your back, and cause a ton of swing faults. The easiest stretch is a toe touch. But if you are really tight, make sure to flex your knees, and when you bend over, only take your hands to just past your knees. Hold for only 5 seconds then stand up and shake out your leg. Repeat both legs twice.

Hip Flexors

For the older golfer, this muscle is often overlooked and can be the root cause of a serious power leak. Tight hip flexors reduce your ability to rotate your hips freely through impact. This restriction causes you to come up and out of your posture, and just swing at it with your arms, which is a very weak and inefficient way to hit a golf ball.

A good stretch is a kneeling lunge stretch, making sure that when you get one leg forward, you stay erect to feel the stretch directly in your hip flexor region.

I hope after reading this, you realize the importance of flexibility and stretching exercises.

+Mike Pedersen is a golf swing biomechanic expert, helping golfers eliminate swing faults via golf fitness and the use of specific training aids. His golf stretches DVD is only 7 minutes per session, and will help you regain the flexibility you had when you were years younger.

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