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Pure Fitness Inversion Table

The Pure fitness inversion table is a cheap and striking inversion table that is relatively low-cost and more comfortable than other brands in the market. It got many features that are available on more expensive brands, making it more affordable and wiser choice to purchase for many people who need inversion therapy but afford the expensive models in the market. Other inversion table models can cost up to whopping $500.00 per set, but by buying Pure Fitness brands, you know you’ve saved a lot of dollars.

The Pure fitness inversion table is great inversion equipment for a low price. It got high-density foam coated on its back rest, making it very comfortable to lie in and do inversion. It makes the user feel more relaxed by just lying in it. It can be adjusted according to height, up to 6 feet eight inches maximum. And its special A-frame and legs with nonskid rubbers and wide base of support plants the table firmly into the ground and assures safe stability. You can do a lot of exercises even while in inversion with comfort. You can also just sink yourself into its backrest and invert for relaxation and removal of stress. And its color, a striking contrast of red and black that makes it vivid and cool in comparison with drab colored tables.

The table is specifically designed for home use and can be used even by tall people, but it cannot be folded into a smaller space because of its backrest. The whole frame is made of high-quality tubular steel, but it can only accommodate weight up to 220 pounds-far less than other brands. The paint is scratch resistant making it tough against dings and nicks. The angle is adjustable by the user making it practical for beginners and experts alike. A beginner can begin at shallow angles and progress to deeper angles as the body accommodates repeated inversions. Experts have the full ninety degrees for maximum inversion effect. As everyone knows, inversion therapy has shown to relieve backache and shoulder aches, increase height, increase blood circulation in spine and brain, increase flexibility and heals any vertebral disorders. With the Pure Fitness inversion tables, inversion can be made easy and cheap, with quiet operation, safe and comfortable at any age. It is a nice budget saver, saving more money for other uses than purchasing an expensive table.

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