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Hip Stretches For Back Pain Relief

In the case of people seeking medical treatment for back pain is many and if you go to the right clinic you can you will be able to get long and lasting relief from your back pain. And it does not matter about the case whether it is a herniated disc or a case of lower back pain.

One of the most important things for them in their exercise routines is a lot of hip stretches. In this particular case of back pain the hamstring is stretched regularly, the link that the hamstring has is one that runs from the pelvis at your sit bone and continues straight till it reaches the below your knees. This connection allows for motion control of the knee and the hip.

The hip is not going to rotate when we twist, the reason for this is that the hip is the first vertebral joint of the lower back; in this case the spine will have to do more work in terms of turning and twisting in order to compensate the lack of movement in the hips. Some very normal activities very well put a strain on the lower back some of these are sitting down, walking, getting up and also bending causes a severe stress on the vertebra which then affects the surrounding tissue. If this situation persist it can lead to the chronic case of lower back pain, also acute back injuries are not so easy to get better under these particular stress.

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