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Back pain can be extremely debilitating, and sufferers loose thousands of working days each year. Back pain can be that little niggle which is really more annoying than anything else or in some instances it can be so severe that even carrying out every day tasks can become a real struggle.

There are of course many treatments for different types of back pain, these may include natural remedies such as exercise or perhaps powerful prescription anti- inflammatory and pain killing drugs are necessary. However, there is a treatment which in the medical world has been noted for its pain relieving benefits for years but which is only now becoming popular with sufferers as a method of home back pain relief. I am talking about infra-red heat treatment

So what is infra-red heat treatment and how does it work?

Infra-red is actually a form of electromagnetic radiation. In layman’s terms it is heat radiation which we encounter every day of our lives. Be it outside in the sunshine or sitting by a fire, both of these give off thermal heat waves. Our skin contains receptors which allows us to feel this heat warming our bodies.

For centuries heat has been used as a method of home back pain relief and can be extremely effective. We have all used it at some time – a hot water bottle or a wheat filled bag which can be warmed in a microwave oven placed on an area which is painful. The big difference between these heat sources and an infra-red heat pad is the depth of heat penetration. Researchers have now found that thermal radiation is capable of penetrating to a depth of up to 2.4inches below the skins surface.

This type of thermal heat relieves pain fast because of its ability to travel directly to the source of the pain, it can get through muscle, joints and even bone to give quick, effective relief. By warming muscles and tendons they are encouraged to relax, eliminating tension and in turn relieving pain – tension in one of the major causes of back pain.

The body will react to a temperature increase by very quickly increasing the blood flow to the heat affected area. This is the bodies way of keeping the bodies equilibrium. The heat causes blood vessels to become dilated allowing the blood to circulate more freely, thus oxygen and nutrients can pass through more easily. This surge in nutrients and oxygen allows damaged cells and tissue to begin to regenerate and heal. In the same way the dilated blood vessels also allow toxins from the damaged tissue and cells to travel back into the blood stream where they can be filtered out and expelled from the body through the usual routes i.e. kidneys and digestive system.

Using infra-red heat as a method of home back pain relief could mean the end of large doses of powerful pain killing drugs which can sometimes have unpleasant side effects. There is also no need to worry about the length of time that the heat is applied, Infra-red heat pads are gentle on the surface of the skin. They usually heat to a temperature in the range of 104oF to 113oF as opposed to other forms of heat treatment which are often at a temperature in excess of 131oF.

The best news of all however, is that whilst infra-red heat is a great home back pain relief method it can literally be used anywhere. There are heat pads available which you can use on your office chair or even in the car if you spend a lot of time on the road giving relief wherever you are.

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