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Muscle back pain is caused largely to bad posture, curving of the back and slouching the shoulders both when sitting and standing or walking. This over time is likely to start causing problems. Getting carried away during physical exercise or lifting a heavy object incorrectly or even sitting or standing in one position for prolonged periods of time can cause muscle back pain. There are other causes of muscle back pain which are potentially more serious such as inflammation of the muscles perhaps caused by whiplash from a car accident or some kind of disc problem in the spine. Whatever the cause of back pain it can cause a great deal of distress and disruption to the sufferers life.

Leaving muscle back pain and trying to ignore it will not make it go away. By doing this you may only succeed in making your condition worse and more serious. There are a vast array of methods you can use to relieve muscle back pain. However, it is extremely important that you see a doctor and have the problem diagnosed properly, usually with an x-ray before you begin. The doctor may be able to prescribe some painkilling medication and perhaps some muscle relaxants in order to give some relief.

Here are some suggestions of how you can try to relieve muscle back pain:

1. In cases where the back pain is not too severe a simple ice pack placed on the painful area can give immediate pain relief.

2. A massage is also effective in pain relief as it helps to increase the circulation producing warmth which acts as a pain reliever.

3. Another method of introducing heat to the area is using a hot water bottle which has been wrapped in a towel which is hot and damp.

4. Where the muscle back pain is severe a more prolonged treatment which will only become effective over time is needed. This should include gentle physical exercise, a healthy diet and most likely some form of prescribed pain relief.

5. If stress is the cause of the back pain meditation and perhaps some gentle exercise such as yoga may be beneficial. The yoga gently stretches the muscles and helps strengthen the back while the meditation helps to deal with the stress. Practised on a regular basis this should increase your back flexibility.

6. Gentle stretching exercises whilst very simple are very effective. These enable the back muscles to loosen up and the back becomes more flexible once more and the pain is reduced.

7. More and more people turn to alternative therapies and medicines for every type of ailment. Back pain is no different. The most popular of these are acupuncture and magnetic therapy which have been show to help greatly in chronic cases.

There are occasions when back pain is attributed to much more serious medical conditions. This is why I cannot stress enough you MUST seek the advice of a doctor or even perhaps a chiropractor before you begin self treatment for back pain.

The only way to prevent back problems is to ensure that you do not have any of the causes constantly in your life. Eat well, exercise and take time out every so often, these simple tips could make a big difference!

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