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How to Achieve Natural Back Pain Relief in Children – Questions and Answers

Back pain is the most common cause that limits people below 45 years old from their day to day physical activities. This may not be alarming to you, since you usually experience backaches, but what if your kids are the ones complaining about back pain? Is this a valid and enough reason for you to worry? Here are some common questions brought up by parents who are looking for their child’s natural back pain relief.

What is the common cause of my child’s backache? Is this the same reason why elders suffer from backache?

There is a big difference between the pain that your children are experiencing and the ones that the elderly suffer from. The main cause of an adults’ backache is when the cartilage and vertebrae (a series of 24-25 bony discs, stacked on top of each other to form the spinal column) in their spinal column shrink and weaken as they get older. The spinal column supports the weight of our back, while maintaining flexibility. Diseases not related to aging may be caused by diseases like Osteoporosis, Osteomalacia and Pott’s disease (Tuberculosis of the bone). In school aged children, the common cause of back pain is the stress brought up by the improper way of carrying heavy “book bags”.

How to achieve natural back pain relief in a school aged child?

It is mentioned before that the main cause of the backache in school aged children is the stress brought upon by carrying heavy “book bags”. Prevention of this stress in the back area is the best natural back pain relief. You may have your favorite natural pain relievers for back pain, but prevention is the best to manage health problems. To avoid backache caused by “book bags”, make sure that the weight of the load inside the bag is not more than 10% of the child’s body weight. Also, remind the child that he or she should carry the “book bag” with straps on both shoulders. If you personally do the packing, be reminded that the heaviest items should be positioned closest to the back of the child. To add, the items inside the bag should not move while traveling. In choosing the best “book bag” for your kid, pick the one that has a hip strap, so that the weight of the load will not stay on the shoulders or spine but on the hip area.

What type of back pains should I be alarmed of?

If your child is suffering from pain plus the following symptoms below, you should seek medical consultation. The alarming symptoms are fever, weight loss, abdominal or pelvic mass, pain being worse while you are resting or happens only at night, and a rectal pain or mass. It is also good to acknowledge natural muscle pain relief, but there are serious cases that require medical attention.

Now that you are aware of the causes of back pain; the ways on how to prevent backache in children; and the serious signs and symptoms to watch out for during the onset of back pain – it would be easier for you to achieve natural back pain relief using the safest methods. What is your recommended all-natural home remedy?

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