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How to Ease Back Pain During Pregnancy

Becoming pregnant is one of happiest moments in a woman’s life. To be able to bring a new life into this world is tremendously rewarding, yet the period when you are actually carrying your baby can be very daunting both mentally and physically. Your body will be undergoing physical changes much like when one is passing puberty. Although at this point in your life you’ll be much more informed, there will be certain physical conditions that are still unavoidable, such as back pain.

Aside from the physical change, most women complain about feeling pain in their back area during pregnancy. It is not a mystery though, why your back would hurt: the way you walk and sit changes due to the expanding size of your tummy, and of course, you are gaining weight. By these two factors alone, women are expected to experience back pain of some sort. Add the fact that your body has increased hormones flying around, which actually makes you more sensitive to pain.

Techniques To Help The Pain

Some women accept the pain as part of the pregnancy and simply ‘soldier on’ through the discomfort. However, there are several methods and techniques you can incorporate into your daily life to help cope and reduce the back pain. Most of these methods are very simple and are completely safe, not just for you but also for your child.

Maintain a Good Posture

As your tummy starts to become bigger, the center of gravity in your body falls farther in front of you. You will feel your stomach becoming heavier, and you attempt to balance yourself in order to prevent falling forward.

Unfortunately, this tends to put a lot of strain on your lower back, which is essentially what constitutes back pain in pregnancy. To address this, try to maintain a good posture even with the added weight. Pull the shoulders to the back and then downward, pushing the chest out. Finally, stand tall and as straight as possible.

This is easier said than done, but practicing good posture in the early stages of pregnancy should help in the transition. Yoga and stretching exercises recommended to you by your doctor or health career will also help to improve your posture and overall fitness during pregnancy.

Wear a Maternity Support Belt

Sometimes performing certain stretches or maintaining posture is not enough. When your back starts to become very sore, or if you are carrying more than one child, wearing a maternity support belt can be a real life safer. A maternity support belt is a strap that is wrapped around your back and under your belly. This acts to lift the belly, reducing its apparent weight. Since the strap is often wider at the back, it effectively spreads the strain over a larger area, allowing for lesser pain in the lower back.

By providing support to the abdominal and lumbar sections of your body, it doesn’t just reduce back pain but also provides additional benefits.

The abdominal support results in the alleviation of the pressure felt by the bladder, as well better circulation near the pelvis. The support belt also reduces the chances of getting contractions and further allows pregnant women more freedom when doing exercises.

Your overall posture is immediately improved due to the distribution of weight changing from the front to the middle part of your body. The belts are made to be adjustable in order to match the preferred level of comfort and support.

They come in a variety of colors and can be hidden under your clothing. Alternatively, some of the new support belts are now designed to be worn on the outside of your clothes as a fashion accessory!

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