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How To Get Instant Lower Back Pain Relief Without Drugs

I am going to tell you how to get instant relief for lower back pain – without drugs and in a matter of minutes. Yes – Minutes.

I have suffered from lower back pain for 18 years, since I was hit from behind whilst in a car, waiting for traffic lights to change. I had a bulging disk and I couldn’t stand, sit or walk for too long without pain.

I have had cortisone injections into the spine. I’ve tried strengthening exercises. I’ve seen a chiropractor for months on end. I’ve tried back braces, magnet therapy and massage therapy. Everything has some degree of success if I kept seeing a practitioner who gladly took my money but I never found any self help treatment that worked for me until recently. Until now I just managed my pain through pain killers and rest.

About a year ago, I learned this one simple exercise and found instant relief.

I am not a medical doctor and for legal reasons, I have to advise you not do anything without first consulting with your specialist. So please discuss this with your health provider first. If he/she agrees that this is a safe exercise for you and your circumstances, here’s what to do. Is called a “wall sit”.

1. Remove your shoes.

2. Stand with your back to a Gyprock or wooden wall (not a brick or stone wall as these are too cold).

3. Position your heels are right up to the wall. Slowly and gently lean your whole back against the wall.

4. Spread your feet apart so that they are about the same distance part as your shoulders. You need to be comfortable as well as stable.

5. Slowly slide down the wall (about 30cm or 1 foot),….. and slowly walk/shuffle your feet out from the wall as you bend your knees. Your leg between your knee and your ankle should be at 90 degrees. You will end up in a sitting position but without a chair, supported only because you have your back pushed into the wall.

6. Keep your back firmly pressed against the wall and slowly push the “small” of your back into the wall (suck your belly button in towards the wall as you press your lower back to the wall). Don’t be surprised if your knees start to tremble as it will take time for your muscles to strengthen.

7. Repeat as often as you need to and as often as you can manage to manage pain. Try to lengthen the time as you are comfortable (to 10 – 15 minutes).

This is just one simple exercise that can give you immediate relief.

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