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How to Reduce Back Pain in Pregnancy

One of the two major factors contributing to the back pain in pregnancy is extra weight. A women can gain an extra 20 kilograms during a full term pregnancy, that’s a lot of weight and most of it is growing in an outward fashion, causing an upset in what was the center of balance of the body. The expanding tummy, also ends up pushing on the back, causing some stress and pain, sometimes this leads to pinched nerves in the back. As the tummy expands it weakens the muscles in the abdomen, leaving the back muscles to take up the slack and carry some of the extra weight.

The second most common reason for back pain in pregnancy is that a hormone is released by the body during the pregnancy called Relaxin. This hormone is responsible for the loosening of ligaments that connect the pelvic bone to the back, as well as softening the pelvic bone, to allow the baby a way out during delivery. Below we’ve written a few points that can help reduce some of the pregnancy back pain.

Beneficial Habits that will Help Reduce Pregnancy Back Pain

Drinking a reasonable amount of liquids will help the body stay well-hydrated. Recommended 8-10 glasses a day.

Getting extra rest when needed can help reduce discomfort and increase strength.

Make sure you are using proper lifting techniques to protect from straining the back.

Swimming is an excellent exercise, as the water helps support the extra weight while at the same time you are able to exercise your body. During the times you experience pregnancy back pain take off to the pool, floating in the water will take the pressure off the back, and provide some form of relief.

Good posture will help avoid pregnancy back pain, keep your shoulders back and relaxed. Hold your chest high. Stand up straight and tall. When standing, have a comfortable distance or space between your legs. If standing for long periods, rest your legs by resting one leg at a time on a low stool. Avoid moving in jerky fashions, as doing so puts you in danger of pulling joints and muscles.

Wear flat-heeled shoes, or when it gets really rough wear good running shoes for extra support and cushioning.

If you follow all the above tips, you will feel much better. However there are some other points that you will find beneficial, like certain exercises, some does and don’t concerning exercise. Knowing what sleeping position is most recommended by most physicians, whats the best positioning of pillows to give good alignment. What the benefits are of a good pregnancy pillow, you’ll find all this out and move at []

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