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How to Relieve Back Pain With Yoga and Meditation

Yoga is a great therapy that offers a host of health benefits: speeding up recovery, healing injured and sore muscles in the back, preventing recurrence of injuries, and lowering the risk of disability due to back pain. It stretches and strengthens muscles of the lower back, lessens swelling, and boosts blood flow and prana. That is why yoga is used to help relieve back pain. Since regular yoga practice enhances body mechanics and posture and keeps the spine properly aligned, yoga can help eliminate pain and prevent injury.

If you are going to practice yoga, select a program that is not very intense. Gradually increase the intensity of strengthening and stretching exercises so that you can avoid problems in the spine. After the yoga exercises, you may feel a little pain in the back. To boost your flexibility and to make the spine stronger, it is necessary that you choose the correct yoga exercise for any back issues.

A healing system for the mind and body, yoga involves the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of a person. In the United States, the most commonly practiced form of yoga is Hatha Yoga. It uses certain postures (called the asanas) or movements, meditation (dhyana), and deep breathing (pranayama).

Yoga makes a distinction between pain and suffering. Pain is usually a result of physical things. But the mind causes suffering by thinking about the pain and making negative conclusions, which causes stress. You will realize the role that the mind portrays in suffering when you perform breathing exercises or meditation. People who meditate can control their pain. They are aware of the pain, but they react as though they are not in pain.

To maintain a healthy back, yoga for the back uses a mind-body approach. Aside from working for a better posture, you also have to resort to stress management methods such as awareness, breathing, vitalization, and meditation. In doing so, you can detect the early signs of back pain due to stress as well as to have a peace of mind.

Yoga and meditation offer plenty of benefits for people who will commit to do them regularly. These two are ideal and practical self-care technique to prevent lower back pain.

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