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How to Relieve Endometriosis Back Pain

Endometriosis back pain is one of the most common forms of discomfort experienced by endometriosis sufferers before and during menstruation.

It can be severe and debilitating, leaving some women incapacitated.

Back pain associated with endometriosis usually starts about two days before and menstruation and can last throughout the length of the period, although the time scale and severity of pain can differ wildly from person to person.

It is not uncommon for back pain to worsen over the years. This can be pretty alarming and lead the patient and their doctor to assume that the pain is related to a muscular-skeletal problem rather than endometriosis.

For most sufferers the aching starts in the lower back. In most cases involving the patient experience aching in the lower back that can travel down through the buttocks and into the top of the thigh.

This pain can often be sciatica and totally unrelated to Endo. When back pains become sciatic, the patient usually has limited mobility, as they are not able to easily or comfortably move, and often the movement in one or both of her legs are impaired.

Once any other reasons for the back pain have been ruled out, and the link to endometriosis established, the symptoms should improve with the various endometriosis treatments that are available.

How to relieve back pain related to endometriosis

The initial treatment during the early onset of back pain can be to take pain relievers. Usually this will provide relief from mild to moderate back pain as the anti-inflammatory medications get to work. However, the effects can soon wear off.

If you have back pain as a symptom of endometriosis it will generally be a recurring symptom, so the best treatment would be to treat the source of your problem, the endometriosis itself.

Firstly, consult your doctor. There are many medications, which help control endometriosis symptoms.

Birth control pills are effective at regulating the estrogen levels in the blood, which prevent the build up of endometrial tissue each month. These are a particularly good option for endo sufferers who are looking contraception as well.

Hormone regulating treatment is also available, as well as surgical operations that would involve removal of endometrial tissues and adhesions.

For more natural approaches to back pain caused by endometriosis you could try acupuncture. Acupuncture is a form of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) that aims to rebalance the body and remove any blockages in our system.

Ensure that you find a practitioner who has dealt with endometriosis sufferers before and don’t to forget to mention your back pain as a symptom during the initial consultation.

Acupuncture sessions are tailored to the individual so your treatment plan will be specific to you.

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Endometriosis back pain can be serious and impact on your quality of life. Trying new treatment or seeking out complimentary remedies to the medication you are taking could provide the relief you are after.

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