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Knee replacement surgery

Those of us who live with constant pain in our knees know just how problematic it can be to do common, everyday things. Walking up stairs or walking through a store can be a torturous experience and running is almost unthinkable. It doesn’t matter how the condition is caused, the end result is still the same. Pain in the knees that can be unbearable at times. So when do you get to the point where you consider knee replacement surgery?

Many times, arthroscopic surgery can be done to remove pieces of cartilage that are causing pain. And for some people that can be enough. But if the damage to the cartilage and the underlying bone is significant enough then total knee replacement has to be considered. That kind of damage means that the knee is in constant pain, even when not being used for walking. With constant pain in the knee it becomes harder and harder to have a reasonable quality of life.

Most of the time, it takes reaching your limits with pain and with the inability to do even the most basic of things that tips the scale. When those limits are reached then total knee replacement surgery becomes not just an option, but a necessity. However total knee replacement isn’t quite the nightmare it used to be thanks to major advances in the way the surgery is done and the new physical therapies that have been developed.

With today’s surgeries, not only is the surgery easier to tolerate and the recovery time shorter but after the physical therapy and after the healing process is complete, your knee can be totally pain free in just a few months. With that kind of complete recovery you can resume a realistic lifestyle, even an active one, without having to worry about having pain in your knees. Not only are you getting an improved quality of life, but you’re getting your life back. That makes a huge difference.

When it comes to deciding when to have a total knee replacement, it all depends on what your limits are. If the surgery is going to be unavoidable with any other treatment options, it’ll depend on what you want your limits to be. Do you set your limits by your pain threshold or do you set your limits by how much the pain takes away from your life? The choice is up to you, but either way, you can rest assured that after the surgery the difference will be remarkable.

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