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Lose The Back Pain – Does It Really Work?

If you’re dealing with back problems, you’ve probably tried lots of ways to get relief. Most people try over the counter pain relievers, prescription medicines, chiropractors, orthopedists, physical therapy – and in some cases shots and even surgery!

All of them can help, at least to some degree. But the problem with most of those options is that none of them really address the underlying issues that cause your back pain. A healthy back doesn’t just get hurt by lifting one box, or making one wrong move, or one bad day. Usually, there is some problem that leaves you back weak, and then one day, ouch!

So when I hurt my back (herniated disk, L5/S1, very common and VERY painful) I tried all of the above. But after a few weeks it started to get expensive. So I checked out all the different back relief programs, and found one that I liked – Lose The Back Pain. I’ve been using it for about 3 years, and my back is doing better than ever.

It is based on the idea that most back problems are caused by muscle imbalances – which I didn’t think I had. After all, I worked out, and I ran, and I was generally very healthy and physically fit. But after going through the program, I realized just how bad my muscle imbalances really were. And trust me, they were bad. Within a few months of following Lose The Back Pain I was back working out and playing golf.

There are several benefits to the Lose The Back Pain Program:

– You don’ t need any special equipment
– You don’t need to have a medical or fitness background
– You don’t need to be athletic
– You don’t need to buy any other programs or equipment
– It is very simple to follow

Of course, it doesn’t do the work for you. You have to read the manual, watch the DVD’s, and actually do the exercises and stretches. It doesn’t fix your problems while you sit on your butt and do nothing. And I also learned that walking is a great exercise for your back. When I first started walking, it felt like someone was hitting me in the back with a baseball bat. But very quickly I was moving around, and now my back is very healthy and strong.

And while there is no guarantee I won’t have more back pain at some point in the future, I am confident that the Lose The Back Pain Program will help keep my back strong so I don’t have to worry about hurting it again.

I’m living proof that Lose The Back Pain works. In fact, I even started my own website, [] that has a complete Lose The Back Pain review along with other back pain tips [] to help you keep your back healthy and strong.

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