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Loud Back Crack For Student From Towson Chiropractor

Hey everybody, it's Doctor Blake Kalksteinfrom Doctors Adolph and Kalkstein Chiropractic, your Towson area chiropractor.

Today we got Antoine in the office.

Antoine is a Towson University student.

You're on the rugby team right my man? What else you do for Towson? I am a tutor.

I'm a tutor for the biology Department, startingto be part of the pre-Physical Therapy Club because they don't have a ton of people.


So he does a lot for school.

He's on the rugby team that he came over tous with some lower back tightness, right, so we're going to show you how we adjust hislow back.

But also he's a tutor so he is in front ofhis desk all the time.

He's always studying.

I know you Towson University students, allyou students out there have that rounded forward posture.

So we adjust his neck, you just his upperback.

It feels pretty good when you leave here right? Yes so we're gonna show you how we adjustAntoine here.

So Antoine hands on your stomach for me.

And then come on over right here so you cansee his adjustment.

Big time.

Now roll over on your side to face me Antoineright here.

So one of my colleagues at the Olympic TrainingCenter training the Olympic rugby athletes, and I am applying for that position as wespeak right now to go work on the Olympic athletes.

And Antoine's in the rugby program, so theytake a lot of force, take a lot of beating on their little back and stuff.

So this is an awesome technique for takingcare of low backs and for sciatica pain.

But that drop Antoine.

There you go, other side for me.

So let the drop-down.

I already feel that starting to move rightthere don't you? Let that drop.

There you go, on your back.

And the last spot you want to get with Antoinebeing a tutor and a student is that spot right between his shoulder blades.

So we're going to check it two ways.

Roll on the right side for me Antoine andlean in.

So we're going to check right here, rightin this thraco-lumbar junction.

People that sit for a living or sit for along period of time studying or playing games.

What's up my man? Is they, you know, they're hunched over reading,and this part of their back starts to tighten up, and then this part of their back startsto tighten up.

So we're going to show you how we adjust thosetwo spots.

Take a breath in and out.

Lift your head for me.

There you go.

And then we were going to go get that topportion.

And you can follow us.

Antoine when this table brings you up followme over here okay? You can sit right there, your feet are goingthat way.

Scoot up just six inches.

So you guys have seen this adjustment a coupleof times on this but it's so so powerful for people who study for a living, students, peoplewho sit at a desk for a long time.

No hands on top of your head, elbows in, headdown, roll back to me, and open up.

Take a deep breath Antoine, and out.

Watch your head, rollback.

Oh yeah.


Alright Antoine, hop on off for me.

So you saw the neck adjustment for peoplethat sit for a living, students that's sit for a living.

You saw that low back adjustment.

It's awesome on Rugby players, awesome whenpeople have sciatica issues as well.

And then you say that monster upper back adjustmentthat's great for people, anybody that's down like this, amazing.

So if you have any questions, leave a comment,and we'll see everybody next time.

Thanks bye.

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